Sterifog Disinfectant - Let XPest help you disinfect your home, school or business.


Xpest has a disinfectant service to help you keep your home or business clean and safe.


This is especially important now during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic as the virus can be picked up on many surfaces you or your customers come into contact with. During LOCKDOWN it is also an ideal time while your staff and learners are away from the premises.

We use a microbial fogging treatment called Sterifog, a unique biocidal surface sanitizer, on all hard surfaces of your premises. The service is effective and fast acting against micoorganisms. Sterifog is a chemically "organic" composition used to prevent the spread of pathogenic and other kinds of microorganisms (microbes). Sterifog destroys Spores, Gram+ and Gram- Bacteria, Fungi, Mould, Algae, Mildew, Phage and Viruses on hard surfaces, medical equipment and other man-made objects.


Sterifog kills in applicable situations 99,999 % (5 Log Reduction) microbes such as: BACTERIA, FUNGI, VIRUSES, SPORES, DUST MITES and ALGAE. Sterifog kills by damaging and weakening cell membranes and then inactivating critical enzymes.

Sterifog has a residual killing effect in excess of 30 days whilst most HIGH LEVEL disinfectants ‘kill and go' and are mostly toxic.


  • Disinfectant decay leads to bacterial re-growth
  • Disinfectant decay results in more frequent dosing.
  • Disinfectant decay costs money. Sterifog is effective in minute concentrations. (less than 1%)
  • The carrier is mainly water. (5% alcohol).


Chemical Resistance?




  • Bacteria have a very fast multiplication rate, which enables them to 'evolve‘ rapidly.
  • Since some bacteria always survive a chemical attack, they give rise to the next generation. Thus they are able to develop resistance to most of the current established disinfectants in the market place.
  • Sterifog is not based on Single or Twin chain QAC's (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds) that are considered LOW LEVEL disinfectants in the medical industry and are deactivated in hard water and/or a heavy organic presence.
  • Sterifog is a new and unique synergistic cocktail of chemicals. It is therefore a multi-component, multi-acting broad-spectrum, fast acting HIGH LEVEL disinfectant and sterilant. (Killing Bacillus subtilis spores in 30 minutes at a 5 Log reduction. Glutaraldehyde takes 4 - 10 hours to achieve the same result).
  • Why keep on using the same old solution to a problem that has moved on?

The Steri-Fog treatment is carried out by our qualified and experienced Pest Control Technicians. It is a quick and efficient process that has minimum disruption to your business or home.

Our fogging machines produce a cold fog mist that covers all surfaces and hidden areas within the property killing all germs, bacteria and viruses including the COVID-19 virus.

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The disinfection service can be carried out weekly or monthly depending on the amount of people come through your premises. Speak to us about a maintenance plan for infection control that can reduce cross-contamination.


Notice for XPest Clients: Residential clients who renew their Pest Control contracts with us MAY receive one free disinfectant service when we do your pest treatment. Terms and conditions apply as this depends on the size of the premises.


Contact us for a quote or a booking to get your home or office sterilized or to get more information on our Steri-Fog service that we use. Call us today on 087 222 7095 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..