For Professional, Safe and Effective Pest Control Services

For Professional, Safe and Effective 

Pest Control Services

When selecting a PCO to hire to treat your home or termite-proof your premises, always ensure that they are properly registered.

One of the biggest issues facing homeowners in Gauteng is Termite Infestation. The termite has long been dubbed ‘the silent destroyer’, due to the fact that they may go unnoticed for years, without any obvious signs of infestation. Their presence is often only noticed once irreparable damage as already been done. These destructive little critters have an equally dangerous ally, namely the unregistered pest control officer. Numerous unregistered pest control officers have compounded the problem by by using inadequate equipment or incorrectly applied treatment methods.

Every year the South African Pest Control Association (SAPCA) receives a lot of complaints from home owners who, upon moving into their new homes find that the premises have not been correctly treated for termites, in some cases the property has not been treated at all. In most cases this is because the contractor has not ensured that registered PCO’s (Pest Control Officers) have been used. These unregistered PCO’s are operating illegally and, in most cases, are also using banned chemicals or utilising the correct chemicals incorrectly.

In South Africa, Termiticides are registered through the Registrar Act 36 of 1947, after being subjected to a barrage of strict tests by the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards)

Efficiency Guarantees of Termiticides
Beware of PCO’s charging you for treatments and promising a 10 year guarantee. Modern ‘environmentally friendly’ Termiticides, are only able to efficiency and protection guarantees of a maximum of 5 years, unlike earlier compounds such as DDT and Chlordane, which have since been banned.

There have, over the years, been several reports of PCO’s offering to termite-proof buildings and premises a rate per square meter that is well below the wholesale cost of the prescribed chemicals, and offering a 10-year guarantee. According to SAPCA President, Mark Enslin, this is simply not possible if the PCO’s are acting legally. It is highly likely that such a PCO is either using banned chemicals or is not using the Termiticide at the prescribed dosages set by SABS 0124.

The Dangers of Chlordane
Chemicals such as Chlordane, though effective in their control of termites, were banned due to their extremely hazardous effects on humans and the surrounding environment. The chemical contaminates the air in the treated home by diffusion through concrete flooring, ceiling drywall or outgassing from previously treated indoor areas. Documented health problems can include child cancers, leukemia, chronic infections, bronchitis, asthma, infertility, neurological disorders and aggression.

Ask Questions
Get more than one quote when shopping for pest control services. If a PCO charges considerably less than their competition, be wary. Every quote for termite control must be scrutinised, for your safety and peace of mind.

When selecting a PCO to hire to treat your home or termite-proof your premises, always ensure that they comply with all of the following.

  • employed with a licensed pest control company
  • in possession of advanced knowledge of construction and home building 

  • expert knowledge of termite identification and biology 

  • understanding of the local and state ordinances regarding pest control 

  • knowledge of the various treatment methods and resources to customise a treatment plan suitable for your development
  •  awareness of EPA-approved materials and environmental standards 

  • ability to provide detailed written notes of the preliminary inspection
  •  confidence in a guarantee of service from a stable company with a reputation for providing effective termite prevention, treatment and control.
  • lastly, be suspicious of ‘cheap pricing’ and extended guarantees that exceed 5 years

No ‘one size fits all’ In Termite Control
There is no single treatment for all termites, don’t be fooled. Termite treatment is dependent on the species to be treated. This classification can only be done by a trained professional PCO. The species of termite also varies by the geographic location of the affected premises. In South Africa there are two principal categories of termite found; the Subteranean Termite and the Dry Wood Termite. These are common through out the Southern Africa.

Trust Xpest to get the job done
XPest Pest Control Services will treat your house or building by means of drilling and injecting for termites and will offer a 5 year service guarantee. We professional pest control operators, registered with SAPCA with teams in Johannesburg and Pretoria and we offer a complete pest control service to: Alberton, Bedfordview, Benoni, Bryanston, Centurion, Fourways, Johannesburg Kempton Park, Midrand, Pretoria, Pretoria North, Randburg and Sandton.