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There are several ways to deal with an uncomfortable rat infestation in your home. We are the experts, and we have some great, effective ways to rid your home of these pesky, furry critters.

Having a rat infestation in your home a very serious matter. Rats can cause extensive damage to your home and belongings, and even create a dangerous health risk for your family and pets.

We have compiled a list of seven important facts to keep in mind if you suspect a possible rodent infestation.

1. What are the signs of a rat infestation?
The most common signs of a rat infestation in South Africa are, finding unexplained droppings, damages to furniture indicative of gnawing, even food that appears to have been eaten by a rodent. You will even hear scratching or scurrying sounds in the ceilings, particularly at night when it is quieter. In extreme cases you may even find a dead rat or two.

2. Ensure regular household maintenance
Take to heart the age-old saying, “Prevention is better than cure”, which is truer in this case than many realise. Nobody wants to have to virtually strip mine their home to hunt down an invasive vermin, so ensure that all holes in interior and exterior walls are sealed. Ensure that your ceilings and roofs are properly sealed, as rats are excellent climbers and if your roof offers a way in, they will sure take it. In addition to all this, be sure to close all trash bins, and eliminate any outdoor sources of water which can make your property a paradise for these nasty little creatures.

3. Limit access to your home for rats
In South Africa, the two most common rat species we deal with are the Black Rat (Rattus Rattus) and the Brown Rat (Rattus Norvegicus) otherwise known as the Norway rat. Though most rats are excellent climbers, these two are fairly prolific, and will find any way into your home that is available. There are some simple procedures to follow in order to prevent access are: [1] Trim back any tree branches touching or extending over your roof line, to at least four feet from your roofs edge, and utility wire. [2] Remove any creepers or vines from your walls. [3] Ensure rats can not enter the drainage pipes that run from your.

4. Ensure that all pet food is properly stored in sealed containers
Remember to store your pets food in specially designed airtight containers. Also, ensure that the room in which you store said food is properly closed and inaccessible to rats.

5. Make sure that you understand the difference in the ways to catch a rat and to kill a rat
There are nonlethal and lethal ways to catch a rat. However, you must keep in mind that capturing rats in live-catch traps means you will have to now find a humane means to either relocate them or dispose of them. Lethal methods include traps and baits. Traps allow you to see results immediately by killing the rat swiftly, while baits often require a rat to eat multiple doses before it eventually dies. Now, because the rat does not die immediately, as in the case of a trap, you have no way of knowing where the rat will be when it dies. This means that you will have to search for it, if you suspect it has eaten the bait or wait until you smell the unpleasant rank of a rotting body, and this smell is hard to be rid of.

6. Pick the right method of rat control for your home.
Some may think it doesn't take much know-how to kill rats, but the method of rat control used can help you avoid having dead rats in hard to reach places, stinking up your home.

Humane Rat Control
If you need to remove rats from your home or business by killing them, please use snap traps, and do not use poison or glue traps which are inhumane. Snap traps kill instantly and so the rat does not experience any pain. Snap traps can be dangerous to handle as the trap snaps shut with enough force to crush the rats skull or snap its neck. These traps can cause damage to your fingers should you accidentally activate it. Because of this, it is best to consult with a professional to determine the most effective methods for your home.

Let XPest Control Services rat-proof your home, and show those pesky critters who is boss. Contact us today for your free pest control quote. We will email you a quote if you are enquiring about pest control for a business premises, but we can provide quotes over the phone if you are enquiring about a personal residence pest problem.