The Spring Connection - When the Ants Come Marching In

It is no big secret that ants visit your home more frequently during the springtime, perhaps more than any other season of the year. Ants like most land bound creatures on the planet, prefer a warmer environment. So when the conditions above ground begin to warm up, you can guarantee that they will show up again right on schedule. While there is nothing new about the regular appearance of ants, it does help us to understand them a little better, and get clearer idea of how they work, and why the prefer to be your houseguests every September.

So why do ants come out in the spring? How can knowing why ants are more active in the spring season help you to prevent an infestation?

Just like the rest of the non-aquatic animal kingdom, ants are attracted to warmth, and the coming of spring brings with it a long awaited warmth. Hibernation is over and food becomes more plentiful and ready for the taking. Ant’s like other creatures are drawn to places that provide warmth and easily accessible food and water resources. If that sounds anything like you home, you may be in for a spot of bother. Ants also seek out shelter from the hot sun and the spring rains by entering into human homes.

Once ants discover a reliable, and consistent, food source, whether that means crumbs that have fallen on the floor, or old fruit in the garbage bin, for them to feed on, then like patrons of a good restaurant chain, they are highly likely to keep returning. Don’t encourage them to return, and clean up any crumbs or bits of food lying around. That might sound gross, but it happens. Dispose of your garbage bin bags as soon as they get full, don’t try to squeeze that last little bit extra in. If possible rather have an outside bin.

When the warm weather of spring drives ants inside to look for food, it is important that you be prepared by keeping your food storage, preparation and dining areas clean and free of loose food particles, like bread crumbs on the counter. The sweeter the food, the more ants are generally attracted to it, so be on the lookout for sugar and honey spills or fruit juice that has been left out on the table.

Eliminating food and water sources is the first step in getting the upper hand on potential or existing ant infestations.

Due to their size, ants are extremely efficient at gaining entry into your home through even the smallest crevice or crack in the walls, doors or foundation. Wherever possible, it is integral to your success in protecting your home against ant invasion, that you seal up any, if not all, holes and gaps in windows, and reinforcing your exterior walls.

While the approach of spring assures us that ants may be on their way, you can put your mind at ease by choosing Xpest Pest Control Services as your pest control solution.

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